One-liners about “Subscription” shopping

Several one-liners about “Subscription” shopping in no particular order:

  • it’s all about selling/purchasing commodities (…that is, boring products…!)
  • it’s “regular revenue and strong customer-fidelization” for the Retailer
  • it’s “hassle-free, decision-less shopping” for the Consumer
  • it’s an awesome opportunity for Amazon, who deliver at the touch of a button (…see Amazon Dash…!)
  • it’s suitable for Manufacturers too, who are able to offer subscriptions to final Consumers (…and go direct…!)
  • it’s a full-fledged, different sales-channel (…no, it’s not e-commerce…!)
  • it strongly impacts existing channels(*), brick-and-mortar in particular (…Retail is a zero-sum-game, especially for commodities…!)
  • it has a shopping-journey with very few ‘decision-points’ (…are Marketers ready(**)?)

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