A (no BS) perspective on PLATFORMS/ECOSYSTEMS in the Retail tech market

Apple (with iOS) and Google (with Android) have been both successful in the smartphone market because they invested huge resources fostering a robust platform/ecosystem of partners and developers built on symbiotic relationships.

It’s this robust platform/ecosystem that is so attractive to Consumers, because it fuels the following virtuous-cycle:

1) more partners/developers create more functionalities that make the platform/ecosystem more attractive to final-users Continue reading

The Retail tech market and Direct channel vs. VARs (Value Added Resellers)

The basics

Why does a Retail Technology Vendor/Solution-provider have VARs?

Because so it can save precious resources.
Customer acquisition (in a word, SELLING) is very difficult in the retail tech market mainly because:

  • it has very long sales-cycles – that is, it’s very, very time consuming and expensive
  • it doesn’t scale – to sell more, you need more Sales-people

Additionally, Continue reading

LINK: Here’s why Nordstrom says online sales can hit 50% of the company total

Nordstrom executive says online sales can rise to 50% of total soon.

Source: Here’s why Nordstrom says online sales can hit 50% of the company total.

Retail Actionable Insights… …and traditional Analytics

For Retailers, analytics tools – I think about reporting and BI applications, “Big Data”, etc. – are vital, priceless, competitive technologies that allow answering the following fundamental questions:

  • What types of Shoppers are visiting my stores?
  • What did catch their attention on the shop-floor?
  • What did they purchase in-store?
  • How many of them are repeat visitors?
  • Whom did they engage with? About what?
  • …and so on…

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LINK: What’s “In Store” For Retailers This Black Friday?

This year Black Friday falls on November 24.

To help retailers prepare to gear up for the big day, Periscope By McKinsey conducted its second annual research into consumer expectations surrounding Black Friday, including whether consumers intend to shop and, if so, their motivations for doing so as well as their desired shopping channel. What follows are some of the top-level findings from the research. By Channie Mize, General Manager for Retail, Periscope® By McKinsey

Source: What’s “In Store” For Retailers This Black Friday?