The ‘new’ role of the Store-associate

Store-associates are unquestionably at the center of the physical store experience, representing the Retailer, their values and the brands/products sold; that’s why one of the most important rules in retail states: “How sales personnel engage Shoppers can make or break a retail store.Continue reading

LINK: How retailers are adapting to shifting consumer behaviour

Exploring why we buy—and how retailers are cashing in.

Source: How retailers are adapting to shifting consumer behaviour | Elle…

LINK: 10 Predictions That Will Impact The Fate Of Retailers

David Rosen, chief digital strategist of TIBCO, has been advising retailers such as Macy’s, The North Face, Nordstrom and Kohl’s on their digital transformation efforts over the past decade. He has now formed ten predictions that will impact the fate of their businesses.

Source: 10 Predictions That Will Impact The Fate Of Retailers

Positive thoughts about Assisted-selling

Assisted-selling basically is having a cutting-edge Mobile POS solution in the hands of our Store-associates.

I’m talking about replacing the traditional desk-bound POS stations with retailer-grade Mobile POS solutions (fully integrated with the IT back-end) based on tablets or smartphones; the final goal is to enhance the shopping-experience with personalized interactions on the shop-floor, during the most important phases of the shopping process.

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Retailers’ Mobile Apps (…and FOUR potential difficulties)

Is it true that offering Shoppers a branded Mobile App lets traditional Retailers easily enter the digital world, be omnichannel, look good, etc.?

Cancel “easily”, please…

…and let’s talk about some potential difficulties.

Potential difficulty #1

App installation

First thing first: let’s not count on 100% Shoppers installing our Mobile App on their smartphones – we first need to overcome an obstacle called proliferation of branded Mobile Apps, that is, Shoppers have to (utopically) install one branded App for each Retailer they visit (…store/shopping mall/chain of petrol stations/supermarket/…) – dozens and dozens of Apps, actually.

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