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About the future “DIVERGENCE” of shopping

In the future (…near or far? …time will tell…) we will have two radically different types of shopping:

  • shopping for everyday items
  • shopping for specific, glamorous, out-of-the-ordinary items

Let me get into the details…

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Retail physical stores influencing online sales

As Retailers perfectly know, store floor-space is a scarce resource and as such, it’s absolutely invaluable.

Unlike in the virtual world of online retail where space is not a factor, in brick-and-mortar stores each square foot is expected to make a certain amount of dollars – for example, according to data provided by eMarketer, a couple of years ago Apple Stores generated an amazing $4,798.82 per sq.foot, luxury jeweler Tiffany $3,132.20, while department-stores such as Macy’s made around $160/$200.

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Positive thoughts about Assisted-selling

Assisted-selling basically is having a cutting-edge Mobile POS solution in the hands of our Store-associates.

I’m talking about replacing the traditional desk-bound POS stations with retailer-grade Mobile POS solutions (fully integrated with the IT back-end) based on tablets or smartphones; the final goal is to enhance the shopping-experience with personalized interactions on the shop-floor, during the most important phases of the shopping process.

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Retailers’ Mobile Apps (…and FOUR potential difficulties)

Is it true that offering Shoppers a branded Mobile App lets traditional Retailers easily enter the digital world, be omnichannel, look good, etc.?

Cancel “easily”, please…

…and let’s talk about some potential difficulties.

Potential difficulty #1

App installation

First thing first: let’s not count on 100% Shoppers installing our Mobile App on their smartphones – we first need to overcome an obstacle called proliferation of branded Mobile Apps, that is, Shoppers have to (utopically) install one branded App for each Retailer they visit (…store/shopping mall/chain of petrol stations/supermarket/…) – dozens and dozens of Apps, actually.

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Revamping our brick-and-mortar stores

We already know that, as Ecommerce is booming, our traditional brick-and-mortar stores are losing their exclusive role of distribution-points for goods.

That’s a fact, but not necessarily a negative one: physical stores are not anachronistic, on the contrary Continue reading