Some thoughts after NRF 2015 (the National Retail Federation show)

NRF-2015What are NRF 2015  …hottest topics?

I got my hands on NRF 2015 program and grouped conference-sessions by significant topics.

I then ranked the resulting groups to understand what’s currently hot for Retailers; what came out is listed in the following table (with some additional comments, just my 2-cent…).



Finally, the following Keynote session (sponsored by Deloitte) caught my attention:
Recent research from Deloitte indicates that today, digital technologies influence 50 percent or $1.5 trillion of in-store sales. Despite these statistics, a noticeable divide exists that separates shoppers’ digital needs and expectations from the experiences retailers are actually able to provide. Bridging this gap requires a broad strategy that looks beyond the rigid confines of “in-store” and “online” to embrace a much more integrated approach – an approach that places digital at the heart of the modern retail shopping experience.

Any comment?

Andy Cavallini –


One response to “Some thoughts after NRF 2015 (the National Retail Federation show)

  1. Thanks for the useful content and replying to an email i sent you months ago!! As far as the above subject i couldn’t begin to imagine what it will take software-wise to “bridge the gap”. Whatever it is as long as consumer value is forefront the bridge will hold. Thanks again enjoyed the ibeacon bible


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